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QualConsul QS cc (QCQS) offers and supplies a comprehensive range of construction cost management services so as to meet all of our clients needs. 

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Chartered Quantity Surveyors

Cost Consultancy and Estimating / Tendering Services

The practice offers a wide variety of services under one roof with highly qualified and experienced registered quantity surveyors available on a consultancy or contract basis to suit the clients needs.

The practice also carries full Professional Indemnity Insurance to satisfy all of our work requirements.

Quantity Surveying

QCQS uses cost data and cost planning techniques for reliable forecasts of overall project budgets. Specific services include:

  • Cost planning
  • Advise on and implementation of contracts and procurement options
  • Tender and contract documentation
  • Tender reporting for contractor appointment
  • Project cost monitoring and periodic financial reports
  • Valuations for periodic progress payments
  • Sub-contract valuations
  • Risk assessment including valuation of change orders
  • Site visits and project meetings to evaluate issues affecting project delivery
  • Final accounts



Commercial Management

QCQS recognises the range of latent and patent local and international commercial project objectives and the importance of protecting and maximising the Client’s commercial position and therefore offers:

  • Feasibility analysis of commercial projects
  • Review and analysis of main- and sub-contract conditions and tenders
  • Management of commercial and contractual matters
  • Developing database systems to support commercial and planning activities
  • Advice on strategy to mitigate potential disputes and sources of claims

Principal Agency & Project Management

QCQS recognises that planning and controlling the work of a business involves decisions about deploying the right resources, at the right time, in the right places, and controlling the resulting activities to ensure that the work is completed on time and within the planned cost. The principal agency role is therefore offered in the planning, directing and managing of resources (people, equipment, material and funds) allocated to complete the project within specified technical, time and cost constraints. Specific services include:

  • Establishing and agreeing the client’s needs
  • Identifying the activities
  • Drawing up the project plan including resource needs
  • Agreeing the methods of working and the consequential times and costs
  • Agreeing responsibilities and accountabilities
  • Establishing and confirming authorising procedures
  • Establishing and confirming information flow and feedback procedures / systems
  • Linking key resources in multi-project environments
  • Measuring project performance and the project team
  • Closing-off the project

Research & Data Analysis

QCQS recognises that organisations can access a wealth of relevant data, within or outside their internal records, which could be analysed to guide decision making to optimise investment outcomes whilst reducing risk and uncertainty. The services of applied business research can be tailored to meet specific needs of clients in the built environment. Evaluation research and performance-monitoring research can be conducted on a wide range of built environment issues in each of three interrelated stages:

  • Identifying problems or opportunities
  • Selecting and implementing a course of action
  • Evaluating the course of action, including quantifying benefits or outcomes

Project Auditing

QCQS recognises that organisations may require the services of an independent professional to preview, review, scrutinise and express informed opinions on performance during and after the delivery of projects, as part of risk management on major projects. From experiences gained on recent major projects in this role, QCQS can:

  • Identify and clarify client needs for auditing services
  • Agree action plan and deliverables, including anticipating risk matters and advising on proactive measures for mitigation
  • Report regularly in terms of the action plan
  • Assist the client with proactive intervention to mitigate identified risks
  • Offer full-fledged mediation services to resolve disputes
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